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Many business people want to own a virtual office in the UAE, especially in Dubai. What exactly is the relevance of a virtual office? If business people are pushing for a virtual office in Dubai, then there is a good reason behind it, what do you mean by a virtual office?

Now, let’s give you more information about a virtual office.

Let’s see how a virtual office benefits the business owner, provides a physical address and office-related services for the business you are investing in. With a virtual office, the employees aspire to it can work from anywhere, and there are other very useful things, such as mailing address, phone answering services, meeting rooms and video conferencing.

Who uses virtual offices? There are a lot of people doing business in Dubai and wanting to start. Observing virtual offices, the most commonly used business in virtual offices include free lancers, housekeepers, start-ups, and businesses looking to expand their SMEs. Not only is this, with the help of virtual offices in Dubai, many types of businesses marking huge investments. In addition o the businesses listed above, virtual offices are also used by larger and more established companies.

A virtual office is actually an active reflection symbol of your business. The benefits of having a virtual office in Dubai are worth mentioning. It enables you to work remotely, giving your office employees and business owners a number of business provisions.

The services provided by Bizvise in this regard are unparalleled and we offer professional virtual offices with all facilities, business centers, and specialized emphasis on organized phone and mail management services. Bizvise does everything ethically motivated, recognizing our unique touch anywhere. All of our virtual offices are managed by a panel of fully trained multi-linguistic staff, including local with a high standard of professionalism, etiquette and business ethics.

Bizviise utilizes the critical influence in the UAE government departments to provide the best service to those seeking virtual offices. Supports virtual offices, businesses, especially start-ups and large companies aiming for expansion to establish themselves at Dubai’s most prestigious addresses, without spending overhead.

Why Us

Acquiring a virtual office in line with Bizvise will give you the freedom to work at your own pace and time, anywhere, regardless of your precious time. Not only that but any businessman, we can avoid stress for many reasons. That means our virtual offices eliminate long and financially difficult leases, while allowing you to enjoy any amenities that come with a traditional office set up at a reasonable price. Bizvise is your friend in every sense and will keep trying to reduce your stress.


Our virtual office may be beyond your expectations and there is a reason for that. Our virtual office offers you the convenience of working remotely from anywhere anytime. All the most modern facilities are available and as long as you have a reliable internet connection you can work from anywhere – you have the facility to connect from your home to the mall, to a café or even to the beach without any time limit.

Access to meeting rooms

You will find professionalism in all of Bizvise’s interactions, and with our virtual offices, you no longer have to worry about being late for a business meeting when you see something inappropriate. Just one phone call is enough. Let us know in advance and we will protect you shortly, in short we are dedicated.

How to open a virtual office in Dubai Free Zone?

  • Choose a free zone where you wish to set up your virtual office.
  • Check out the rules and regulations that the free zone has in place for setting up a virtual office.
  • Look for business centers, virtual office service providers in the area.