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Established in 2019, Bizvise provides an array of business setup and related services in Dubai and UAE. In a short span of time, the company has emerged as the most trusted business consultant in the region. We eliminate the complexities involved in company setup so that our clients can concentrate on running their businesses.

The company has helped hundreds of SMEs and corporations set up their businesses in Mainland, Free Zone and Offshore jurisdictions of Dubai and UAE. Our business consulting expertise and contacts in the Middle East region help companies transform their dreams into reality.

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To become the most valued company which provides the finest service to all the investors and entrepreneurs around the world who wish to set up their dream businesses in the UAE.


To assist our clients in actualizing their business goals by crafting and implementing the best business setup strategies.

Bizvise not only provides the businesses with all the support for business setup but also help them expand their business presence in the UAE market. We bring a robust and pragmatic approach to solving our client’s business challenges. Our company offers valuable guidance and support to businesses with regard to:

Business setup

Finding a Local Emirati Sponsor

Business Bank Account Opening

Trade license issuance

PRO & Documents clearing Services

VAT Registration

Company Renewals

Dubai Custom Registration

DUNS Number Registration

Branding Services

Insurance Services

Structuring and Restructuring

Local Government Approval

Where can I start a business in Dubai?

Dubai has a lot of business investment opportunities waiting for you. Every investor or entrepreneur needs to consider several things before investing in Dubai. One of the key preconditions is research on current possibilities. There are two choices, the investor can choose the mainland company option or choose from the list of free zone areas. But, this choice should be made based on the type of business you are starting. Especially in the case of Mainland Company, the Department of Economic Development (DED) is the licensing authority for the project. Mainland companies are given a lot of freedom that means, it can operate from anywhere in the UAE, both locally and outside the UAE, without any kind of operational restrictions.

Free Zone Areas in Dubai are defined as geographical areas that are specially designated or specified. However, there are some limitations, where the business is restricted to the type or activities specified by the Free Zone Authority. The mentioned Free Zone Authority of each Free Zone acts as the licensing authority. Free Zone companies are allowed to business in two ways, that is, with the free zone and outside the UAE. But diversifying business in to other UAE markets is not possible in the case of fee zone companies.

Offshore jurisdiction is intended specifically for offshore companies that do not require a physical presence in the Emirates Offshore companies are allowed to do business outside the UAE, but not inside. So, the investor should have a clear understanding of what and where to start. Here, Bizvise set up services will guide you on what Dubai offers and where to set up a company in Dubai.

What do you need to do to start a business in Dubai?

May be you’re wondering how start a business in Dubai? Bizvise will enable you to set up a Business in Dubai that meets all your requirements in accordance with UAE-compliant laws. As you know, economic and political stability play an important role in the development and progress of any country and region. Dubai has a very professional and friendly approach to banking and industrial relations. The government adopts the most industry friendly liberal policies. The main reason for inviting large investments to Dubai is the benefits of an open and free economy.

Dubai’s world class infrastructure in the areas of telecommunications, energy, aviation and transportation is helping Dubai to gain a special place in the minds of investors. What validates Dubai’s development is its rigid and active policy-making, with little to no corruption, and its impeccable and rich infrastructure.

Dubai is a country with a large expatriate population of people from different countries of the world, so Dubai’s cultural diversity is a factor influencing Dubai’s growth. Setting up a company in Dubai is relatively easy, and it’s not as time consuming as many people think. Once the company related documentation and approvals are completed, only one week is required for company registration. Bizvise guides every foreign investor who is a company/business aspirant and fulfills their ambitions in the right way. We guide you through the optimal business set up services and successful completion of essential formalities.

Before describing the procedures required starting a business in Dubai, one should understand its relevance.

What are the reasons for starting a business in Dubai?

Business start-ups are still welcome in Dubai; the reasons that motivate you to start a business in Dubai are remarkable in many ways. The world-class infrastructure provided by the UAE government, skilled labor, active transportation, relatively easy access to millions of expatriates (foreign nationals from different countries), excellent urban amenities and cosmopolitan culture are some of the main reasons for investors to start a business in Dubai, it has made a leap out of its petroleum dependent economy.

Now, however Dubai is on the verge of a steady evolution in to a state-of-the-art and technology based business haven. There are obvious reasons why you should start a business in Dubai, and they are extremely satisfying.

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