The first and leading e-commerce free zone that he Free Zone is situated in eastern Dubai - Deira Umm Ramool area. The Free Zone is specially designed to enable fast e-commerce fulfilment across the region. The Free Zone also offers unique consultation services, including e-commerce strategy development and guidance on e-commerce regulations in the area.

The Business Cluster has modern landscaped buildings with premium offices; the Logistics Cluster consists of state-of-the-art dedicated and multi-client warehouse units with scalable pay-as-you-go pricing models. Social Cluster houses cafes, exhibitions, and events space.Dubai CommerCity is located in the heart of Dubai and at the Centre of the regional trade route. Its strategic location next to Dubai International Airport allows for fast e-commerce fulfilment across the region.

The availability of special e-commerce licenses, pre-negotiated partnerships, and smart-cost structures lay a solid foundation for any start-up, or indeed already successful e-commerce ventures, to grow their business with Dubai CommerCity.

Business activity or activities

A client can choose three business activities. The Fourth Activity, E-Commerce, is provided FREE of cost as activity listing in the Business License.

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Dubai Commercial City is a leading free zone in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. It is also the first free zone dedicated to e-commerce. About 1 Billion USD has been invested in the project, which covers an area of 2.1 million square feet. It is designed specifically for the best and most up-to-date e-commerce players. Free Zone is perfectly designed to take full advantage of e-commerce growth. The sector is expected to surpass the global growth average. If it provides an environment that stimulates gravity and progressive development, it aims to attract more foreign direct investment to Dubai.

Free Zone has become more and more a global hub with complete turnkey e-commerce solutions. The Zone places special emphasis on providing the most appropriate consulting services. They are all services, including strategy development, selection of the right partners to support your business, performance marketing, content services, and guidance on e-commerce controls in the region, respectively. Your business can take advantage of this growing e-commerce opportunity. The free zone is divided in to three clusters, each with its own design and innovative exposure. The business buildings in the cluster are excellent buildings, all modern landscape buildings with Grade A premium offices.

The Free Zone includes state-of-the-art dedicated and multi-client warehouse units, including the most advanced pay-as-you-go pricing models. The social cluster also includes restaurants, cafés, exhibitions and events. In many ways, Dubai Commerce is great, and it has exceptional competitive edge. This includes short delivery lead times for local shipments due to its proximity to the major Dubai International Airport. In addition, there are a number of other benefits, including specialised e-commerce licenses, smart-cost structures, and pre-negotiated partnerships to ensure high standards and services for e-commerce businesses of all sizes. The Dubai Commercial City is strategically located in the middle of the local trade route, easily accessible to more than 2 billion people with 2 hours of flight radius.

Dubai Commercial City will be the first dedicated e-commerce free zone in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia. The first phase, as a “business cluster “, exposes 32,000 sq. ft offices and 14,500 sq. ft logistics units to investors, as well as “multi-client warehousing sector”. The warehouses are housed in a logistics cluster managed by Hellman Worldwide Logistics and DHL. About 51% of the warehouse space was leased during this period. Dubai Commercial City is divided in to three clusters with the objective of achieving environmental and investment sustainability strategically. Having become a global business hub, Dubai Commerce has extra ordinary competitive edge, activating local markets as one of the most attractive free zones for foreign direct investment.

Dubai Commerce aims to alleviate the stress of business owners who are investing and help businesses run effectively and smoothly. Given its strategic location and the growing demand for its facilities and services, it intends to lease more than 51% of the new free zone to logistics, ware houses and companies starting their operations in various fields such as e-commerce, logistics and information technology with numerous benefits.

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