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Dubai’s development boom has been started almost three decades ago, but even before that, Dubai was a hub for business especially in the area of Import & export. Today, there are some of the best sea-ports in the world are in UAE, where there are always busier with shipment activities. In the current context, Dubai has significantly expanded its business overseas figures in recent years, making it one of the most fortunate and prosperous business sectors in the world. Behind it are the liberalization policies of the UAE Government. Initially, with some unavoidable formalities, any investor or expatriate can engage in the trade/business and make a lot of money, subject to UAE government regulations. To start a trading business and start import and export operations in Dubai, the business must be registered with Dubai customs and have a clearance code.

Let us now examine how customs registration is done in the UAE, including Dubai. The first step is to obtain a business/commerce license, which means registering with Dubai customs and obtaining a code for clearance of the goods. Companies are first reviewed to obtain a valid business or commercial license issued by the Dubai Department of Economic Development. As the company has a valid business license to do business in Dubai, the business has the opportunity to register for multiple services. The process of customs registration is not complicated, but it is not simple.

The UAE Government is very attentive to everything, realizing that the import/export sector is most needed for the all-round appeal of the UAE, including Dubai and has sea-ported world class. Government has introduced cutting edge technologies to make the customs clearance process more efficient. The Dubai Customs department is one of the leading government departments in the region, ensuring that business services run smoothly in companies around the city.

The long-established Customs Department in Dubai has been providing commendable service in the area, and today Seaports in Dubai excels for a number of reasons. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so efficiently in Dubai’s economic and social development. The United Arab Emirates abandoned the old styled way of performances, offering world-class customs procedures that are up-to-date today, with the IMD receiving special attention and consideration from the World Competitiveness center’s rating, and with their support, the UAE has recently topped the chart.

Dubai Customs Is moving forward with strict import/export conditions. As part of that, it is imperative to ensure that their trade product does not fall in to the list of prohibited items. It’s a business standardization requirement, the UAE’s standard for dealing in the sale of illicit goods are very strict and can result in high penalties. However Dubai continues to make significant contributions to the customs clearance process service.

How do I register and apply for a Dubai Customs code?

  • Go to
  • Click on Service Centre.
  • Dubai Customs.
  • Request Business Registration.
  • New, fill in the mandatory fields, upload the required documents then submit for approval.

How can I get custom registration certificate in Dubai?

Request VAT Registration Certificate

  • 1. Submit the application through all available channels.
  • 2. Pay service fees.
  • 3. Receive the VAT registration letter. Service Delivery Time.

What documents are required for customs clearance in Dubai?

Required documents:

  • Bill of Entry.
  • Original Waybill.
  • Original Commercial Invoice.
  • Original or copy of the Certificate of Origin approved by Chamber of Commerce at country of origin.
  • Packing List (detailed)
  • Form of exemption from customs duties in case exemption requirements are fulfilled.