Dubai Custom Registration

Importing and re-export of goods to Dubai UAE is subject to certain regulations set by Customs Department.

Customs Duties

Goods and commodities imported to UAE from countries outside the GCC are subject to 5% of the value of goods, in addition to the Cost Freight Insurance (CIF).

Customs Clearance Procedures

Before proceeding to customs, the importer needs to ensure that commodities documents are under his name and the attached invoices specify each item details (coordinated code, number and weight). At the arrival of imported commodities, the customs agent checks the nature and substance of the goods, the purpose and location of its use, the form in which it has been imported, and whether or not they shall be classified into various codes.

To complete the registration of the customs declaration, it is essential to declare the value of commodities and its specifications through the provision

  • Detailed original invoice under which the commodities have been purchased.
  • Customs may require documents, contracts, correspondence and other relevant documents without having to accept all that is stated therein or in the invoices themselves.

The Customs administration may request Arabic translation of the invoices as well as the other documents in accordance with the Customs Tariff. After completing the customs declaration registration, the commodities are transferred to inspection or release. In case of release, customs duties need to be paid to receive the customs declaration stamped and release the commodities.

International Free Trade Agreements

UAE has joined various trade agreements, internationally and regionally, and is currently in the mid of multiple trade negotiations. By joining these trade agreements, UAE aims at developing the national trade on the basis of equality and mutual benefit in accordance with the laws prevailing in each country and serve the stage of the economy diversification.

The main shipping ports of the UAE are:

  • Jebel Ali
  • Mina Zayed
  • Mina Khalid
  • Khor Fakkan

How do I obtain an Import Code / Custom Code for the Dubai?

We at Bizvise can assist you in obtaining this code. We would need the following documents

  • A valid UAE Company Trade Licence
  • A Passport Copy of the General Manager on the Licence
  • A copy of the Emirates Resident Visa for the General Manager of the company
  • A copy of the Emirates ID card for the General Manager of the company
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