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A foreign investor starting a business in the UAE needs a clear understanding of many things. As an investor, it is difficult to understand the rules, changes in the currency and other restrictions such as Arabic translated documents. Here is the relevance of the Bizvise-like consultancies. Our PRO experts in Dubai help you handle all the formalities of starting a business. Bizvise PRO services can save you up to 60% of the cost of your administrative and PRO services.

Despite the passing of time, the UAE, including Dubai, is still a dream destination for foreign investors. Biggest and small businessmen love Dubai. The UAE government is working to make Dubai, the best business city in the world. However, trying to do business on the fly is not easy here, and those interested in business have to do a lot under the rules and regulations of the UAE government, for which proper documentation and accreditation are mandatory.

There are many things that foreign investors and expatriates who want to do business in the UAE should definitely know. Attempts to enter the business world in the UAE with limited knowledge can naturally lead to bitter experiences. PRO services an unavoidable process under the UAE government, which has adopted extremely liberal policies for foreign investors and expatriates. It is natural to have many questions about it.

What are the PRO services in UAE?

First of all, what’s the public relation’s officer’s (PRO) commitment to business? Or what is the role of PRO? They handle all your paper works and clearing services related to starting a business in UAE. It’s a process that goes through a lot of documentation. Guides you through the legal process, required by the Department of Economic Development (DED) to assist in renewing licenses, visas, employment contracts, and requirements from the Immigration Department. PRO will still take positive positions for any investor. PRO ensures successful start-up policies for your business, and will focus on making things run smoothly throughout the life of your enterprise.

Our extensive corporate PRO services help protect you in every aspect

  • Employment visas
  • Employment labor cards
  • Family Residency visas
  • Renewal of Family Residency visas
  • Visa cancellations
  • Renewal/Modifications of trading licenses
  • Company Documents like the labor Computer Card and Immigration Card

There are other things that investors in the UAE need to know about document clearing services in the UAE (including Dubai). Bizvise is a trusted consultancy or platform that provides reliable services in the area. They have a positive influence on almost all government departments in the UAE. Let us now look at the method of document clearing services.

Professional document clearing services in Dubai

Only after the successful completion of various documentation processes can anyone start a business in the UAE, including Dubai. All documentation matters are mandatory, Right Corporate Services offers fast and reliable document clearance service solutions for clients who want to get rid of the inconvenience of compiling all the required documents.

All services are a boon in disguise for clients, and document clearance enables our clients to maximize their time and focus on more important business activities. Professional document clearing services in Dubai are unique and relatively simple for a variety of reasons.

Bizvise have a decisive influence and clear relationship with the government departments that enable us to take responsibility for the best document processing for your family visa, parental visa, maid visa, medical, emirates ID and medical insurance and to provide you with the appropriate documentation. Therefore, our document processing helps you in every sense to save time, effort and money that you can invest in important activities that generate your income.

Business sustainability

We consider it our privilege to make your business success possible through our services. PRO services and document clearing services are designed with the best interests of a business in mind. Provides PRO services to facilitate, the operations of your business/company.

Services We Offer

  • Processing of employee Labor Card
  • Amendments in Labor Card
  • Renewal of Labor Card
  • Replacement of Labor Card
  • Cancellation of Labor Card
  • Processing of Labor Employment Contract
  • Processing of Maid Contract
  • Amendment in Labor Employment Contract
  • Cancellation of Employment Visa
  • Processing of Employment Visa
  • Processing of Visit Visa
  • Processing of Transit Visa
  • Processing of Maid Visa
  • Processing of Residence Visa
  • Commercial License in Dubai
  • Industrial License in Dubai