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The Ajman Offshore is one of the growing offshore business setup options. It is ideal for any business type that does not require a local office, including passive investment activities.

Estimated Cost USD 2,500 Onwards

There are several benefits in setting up an offshore company:

  • Confidentiality is preserved; there is no public record of shareholders or directors
  • A registered office address (through Authorized Agent nominated by the offshore jurisdiction)
  • 100% foreign ownership – Emirati partner is not required
  • 100% ownership of the company
  • 0% Corporation tax
  • 0% VAT
  • 0% Income Tax
  • Personal income tax exemption
  • 100% transfer of profits
  • 100% transfer of capital
  • Possibility of opening bank accounts in the UAE
  • No residence visas
  • No auditing required
  • No foreign currency restrictions
  • Not required to rent an office space
  • Privacy of directors and shareholders is maintained
  • Firms benefits from double taxation treaty between UAE and trade partners

Type of Companies that can be set up:

  • Holding intellectual property
  • Holding shares in international, local or free zone companies
  • Investment company
  • Trading activities outside the UAE
  • Commission Agents
  • Owning of properties
  • General trading company
  • Advisory and consultancy services
  • International service sector
  • Professional services sector
  • Shipping companies

Formation of Ajman Offshore Company

The Free Zone in Ajman is a popular destination for business people (foreign investors) from all over the world. The Free Zone was established in 1988. The place gained autonomy in 1996 and continues to attract a large number of business aspirants to the Ajman Free Zone. This area offers ample facilities and benefits for all types of start-up businesses to thrive, given the unique context of growing companies and foreign investment.

Today, Ajman’s regional authority has invested in developing an area in the hope that it will be able to host an approximate 1500 companies in Ajman. The region’s strategic location and proximity to western and eastern markets will help it attract foreign investors from India and abroad. In addition, Ajman has four port and two international airports that can serve up to 100 ships annually.

Information required for formation of Ajman Offshore Company

  • Three specific company names meet the UAE business name selection criteria.
  • Minimum share capital of approximately AED 10,000
  • A clear definition of the business activities of an offshore company.
  • The names and personal details of the company share holders and the number of shares they hold in the company.
  • Professional background of company secretaries and directors
  • If the share holders are corporate bodies, the following documents must be produced. Board resolution to issue Power of Attorney, Incorporation Certificate, Letter of Good standing and Memorandum of Association.
  • Company shareholders are required to sign offshore company incorporation documents in the presence of an Ajman Free Zone Representative.

Required Documents

  • Valid passport copies of all offshore company share holders.
  • Copy of UAE entry stamp page.
  • An original home bank reference letter issued by all listed share holders.
  • Proof of share holders in the form of utility bills or bank statements
  • CV of personal profiles or share holders.
  • All required Ajman Company Offshore Company formation documents must be attested and notarized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the UAE Embassy.

Following the successful formation of Ajman offshore Company, the documents given below are issued:

  • They are share certification, a register of company share holders/secretary/directors, articles and memorandum of association, signed incorporation certificate and company stamp respectively.
  • Ajman offshore companies are allowed to operate
  • Consulting and guiding services
  • Public trade services
  • Buy, hold and sell shares of the company
  • Ownership of property under UAE law
  • Providing International services
  • Commission Agent services

The Ajman Free Zone continues to boost its business growth while maintaining international trade values and protecting the interests of investors. For example, Ajman Offshore Company formations enjoy privacy, asset protection and 100% foreign ownership.

This is good for Indian investors who are interested in doing business in collaboration with local sponsors. Moreover, it is possible to acquire and Ajman Offshore Company while still in India without investing in physical business operations in Ajman and the wider UAE jurisdiction. There is no doubt that any business in Ajman will grow, if all the company formation rules laid down by the UAE government are followed honestly.

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