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Few Questions to ask before you decide on which free zone in Dubai or UAE to choose?

  • Are you looking for an industry-specific Freezone?
  • Are you looking for a general freezone?
  • Is the freezone reputable?
  • Is the freezone able to offer Customisable business packages?
  • Does the freezone have quick and simplified administrative processes?
  • Does the freezone provide the option of setting up a Virtual office or Flexi desk?
  • How much is it going to cost me to set up and operate?
  • What is the year two and onwards costs?
  • Is the free zone physically close to my residence?
  • Is the free zone 100% and fully transparent about their pricing?
  • Can I do open a business / corporate bank account if I choose the dream freezone?
  • How much time will be required to complete the business setup process?
  • Do you wish to get a visa or hire employees?
  • Are there options for single entrepreneurs?
  • Are there options for working to be entrepreneurs?
  • Does any of your business activity fall under the Economic Substance Regulations (ESR)?
  • The Relevant Activities under the Economic Substance Regulations are:
    - Banking Businesses
    - Insurance Businesses
    - Investment Fund Management Businesses
    - Lease-Finance Businesses
    - Headquarters Businesses
    - Shipping Businesses
    - Holding Company Businesses
    - Intellectual Property (IP) Businesses
    - Distribution and Service Centre Businesses

If a licensee does not undertake any Relevant Activity, it does not have to comply with the ESR.

  • Future or expected other costs?
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