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Emirates Post License in Dubai

You need to know the history related to UAE postal system and then let’s get in to what businessmen interested in getting a post license need. To be exact, 113 years ago, the first postal system was introduced in the UAE on 19 August 1909. Not only that, it managed the Indian Post Office services until India gained Independence in 1947. Following the formation of the UAE, the Directorate General of Postal Services was established under the Ministry of Communications in 1972. It will be beneficial for you to know the postal history of UAE before obtaining a postal license.

May be you are very keen to start a courier service company, that’s great, but any idea how to get Emirates post license? There are a few things you should definitely understand, essential knowledge of UAE government systems is required. Filled application form, declaration, guarantee, copy of passport of owner and partner, copy of local family book, copy of preliminary approval of finance department, copy of trade name, copy of memorandum of association, a copy of the rental agreement, are all to be submitted to the UAE post group.

The UAE Post Group, which is under the control of the UAE Government, grants post license for those who intend to start a post or courier services company as a business. Running courier services companies in UAE, based in Dubai is generally a profitable business. Many investors and expatriates from different parts of the world are successfully running courier business in Dubai and some other emirates of the UAE. There are formalities that must be done to enter it, the first step is to comply with the terms and conditions of the UAE government and the UAE Post Group. There are many business set up consultancies in Dubai, that provide services for post license aspirants and many of them provide good services. Never try to do post licensure in Dubai or any other emirate in UAE on your own. It is not wise at all and you might end up failing and giving up midway. There are many reasons for this, including lack of knowledge about UAE government systems, language problem and lack of influence in UAE Government departments. if you seek the help of any reliable business set up consultancy or platforms, there will be no such hassles.

About a decade ago, the UAE government started making some changes in the rules and regulations in the UAE. However, that was not a cause for concern for those interested in business in the UAE, including Dubai. Federal laws in the UAE have always been favorable to those with business interests there. According to Federal Law No. 3 of 2013, all private courier firms must have a license from the Emirates Post Group to operate in the UAE. The group collects 10% of the gross sales of the licensed operations (minimum AED 100,000 for the year paid in advance), all of which is must how for those interested in pursuing a post-license in Dubai.

Those seeking post licensing services should seek the services of any reputable business set up consultancy in the UAE and the relevant department is Emirates Post, UAE and they are the issuing authority of Post License (domestic courier services in the UAE region). All the documentation works prior to obtaining the post license will be done by the business set up consultancy that you will tie-up with. A license to provide courier services in the UAE requires payment of a fixed amount of AED 100,000 as a fee.

Documents Required Getting a Post License in Dubai

1. Passport copy of the owner and the shareholders.
2. Copy of the local family book.
3. Initial approval copy.
4. Trade name reservation copy.
5. Copy of the commercial license and trading register certificate.
6. Copy of the established firm (if any)
7. Lease contract copy (if any)

As mentioned earlier, there are many business set up consultancies or platforms in the UAE, including Dubai. If you are interested in doing courier business in the UAE, and need a Post License, the help of a business set up specialist is absolutely essential. Then why not seek the help of Bizvise? Obviously Bizvise is a trusted platform in UAE and relying on them is a wise decision. If you make a tie-up with Bizvise, they will easily arrange your post license, they are truly unparalleled.

What are the requirements to apply for new courier license?

  • Application form
  • Declaration and pledge forms
  • Copy of the owner’s and partner’s passport and Emirates ID Card
  • Copy of the local family book
  • Copy of initial approval issued by the Economic Department
  • Copy of trade name reservation
  • Copy of memorandum of association
  • Copy of lease contract
  • Copy of commercial registration + trade license
  • New license fees: AED 100,000

What are the documents required to renew the courier license?

  • Application form
  • Declaration and pledge forms
  • Copy of the owner’s and partner’s passport and Emirates ID Card
  • Copy of local family book
  • Copy of postal license ( main branch) +branches
  • Copy of commercial register +trade license
  • Copy of memorandum of association
  • Copy of memorandum of association
  • Renewal fees: AED 100,000
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