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In Dubai UAE there are certain business activities, called special activity, is being regulated by the relevant Government departments, that will require additional approvals from external Government local or federal authorities. External approval is approval from a 3rd party governmental establishment allowing you to do some sort of activity. The most common types of external approvals that exist in the UAE are NOCs – No objection certificates or NOC letters.

We advise companies on maximizing jurisdictional and corporate framework advantages and provide a comprehensive range of corporate structuring and restricting services, which includes the following:

Again depending on the activity of your business you plan to do, you might need to approach the respective authority that is in charge of the area of your interest. So prior strating your business in Dubai UAE or your planned company formation in Dubai UAE, talk to our Business setup consultants in Dubai who can guide you about the nature of these activities and the concerned departments you should approach to get the approval.

Below are few examples of Special Activity approvals

Special Activities & Related Ministries for External Approval

The following is a list of some of the activities and the relevant departments that grant the external approvals for setting up a business in Dubai mainland:

  • Gold Trading License, Event Security, CCTV Business approval from SIRA (Security Industry Regulatory Agency)
  • Training Institutes, Educational Establishments should get external; approval from Knowledge and Human Development Authority approval (KHDA)
  • Printing, publishing and advertising activities must have permission from the National Media Council
  • Travel and tourism activities require approval from the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM).
  • Gym and Fitness Centres must get approval from the Dubai Sports Council/Emirates Body Building Federation (EBBF).
  • Banks and financial institutions activities need clearance of the Central Bank of the UAE
  • Pharmaceutical and medical products trading needs approval from the Ministry of Health
  • Contracting and Building Maintenance, Architect and Engineering and related activities should get clearance from the Dubai Municipality
  • Manufacturing facilities need the approval of the Ministry of Finance and Industry
  • Transportation and vehicle rental activities require approval from the Road and Transport Authority
  • Advocates and Legal Consultants must get approval from the Ruler’s Office
  • Approval from the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) is needed for real estate activities and Business Centre Activities
  • All medical-related activities need external approval from Dubai Health Authority
  • Chartered Accountants, Insurance Companies and Insurance Brokers are required to obtain approval from the Ministry of Economy
  • Man Power Recruitment Agencies need approval from the Ministry of Labour (MoL)
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