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Tourism License in Dubai, UAE

A valid Tourism License is mandatory for businesses that operate in the travel and tourism sector of Dubai. As Dubai is an unparalleled tourist destination, the tourism and travel sector in Dubai is growing rapidly and demand for Tourism licenses in Dubai is on the rise.

If you are planning to start a tourism business in Dubai, you need to obtain a tourism license. In Dubai, there are three types of tourism licenses available and they are;

  • Inbound tourism license
  • Outbound tourism license
  • Travel agency license as a travel agent

Travel firms, Hotels, Restaurants, Car rental firms, and Travel agencies are the business establishments that require a valid tourism license to operate in Dubai. The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) is in charge of issuing travel and Tourism licenses in Dubai.

Inbound Tour license

Companies as well as operators conducting Inbound Tourism activities must have an Inbound Tourism operation license. The one who holds the license can conduct tours and sightseeing activities within the limits of Dubai. The inbound tour operator can arrange tour programs associated with events and conferences. Like this, an insurance policy is also mandatory to deal with travel-related uncertainties. The policy will be valid for the full term of the license.

Outbound Tour license

Both inbound and outbound tour operations and events in Dubai shall be possible with an Outbound Tour License. With outbound Tour licenses, tour operators can arrange tour programs beyond the limits of Dubai. The Outbound license holder has the added advantage of conducting international meetings and conferences also. The insurance policy requirement is mandatory for Outbound License too. The validity of the policy covers the full term of the license. The bank guarantee amount of the Outbound Tour License exceeds the Inbound Tour License amount.

Travel agent license

A travel agent license is required for agents who involve in activities like visa support, travel accommodation, tour and sightseeing operations, transportation, air ticket sales, etc. The prerequisites for the Travel Agent License are the same as Outbound and Inbound Licenses. However, there is an additional requirement. Department of Civil Aviation’s NOC or No Objection Certificate is mandatory for issuing the license. To apply for a NOC, a request letter in Arabic on behalf of the local sponsor is necessary.

What are the documents needed to acquire Tourism License in Dubai?

Since Dubai is a renowned tourist hub, getting a tourism license in Dubai is not that complicated. You will need to follow the right procedure to get a tourism license in Dubai.

Below mentioned are the essential documents needed to obtain a tourism license in Dubai.

  • A completed application form
  • Applicant’s passport (copy)
  • Proof of educational and professional qualification of manager
  • The Company owner and the manager should produce a certificate that endorses no criminal record.
  • Civil Aviation Authority’s NOC.
  • Attested document supporting office space of 30 Sq.m
What are the benefits of acquiring a Tourism License in Dubai?

The travel company that has a tourism license in Dubai will be eligible to offer visiting visas, conduct air ticket sales, conduct guided tours and other tourism-oriented activities, and Set up international conferences, along with other meetings and events.

The travel and tourism sector in Dubai has witnessed rapid growth and acquired huge investments in recent years. If you wish to start a tourism business in Dubai, there is no better time than this.

Attaining a Tourism License in Dubai is not at all complicated. However, if you need help completing the procedures and formalities, consulting with an experienced business consultancy will be a good choice. Bizvise is an experienced business consultancy that has assisted several establishments in acquiring tourism licenses in Dubai. We will help you attain yours in a cost-efficient way. For more queries, connect with us.