Company Renewals

In Dubai UAE, timely renewal of your business licenses is crucial to avoid penalties and other negative repercussions, such as blacklisting of the company, or obstacles in expansion of an existing business set up. According to the UAE code of conduct, a trade license is a legal certificate that allows a business owners to indulge in activities that are mentioned in the license. Business owners with a business in the Dubai mainland have to renew their trade license, issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED), annually

Below is a breakdown of the three-step DED license renewal process:

  • Step One: Valid Tenancy Office Contract (Ejari).
  • Step Two: Provide us all the documents as per our checklist for submission and if you like to do any amendments.
  • Step Three: Once the Submission is approved pay the required renewal fees as per payment voucher issued by DED.
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