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Professional License in Dubai, UAE

Acquiring an appropriate license according to the business activities is vital for starting a business in Dubai. A valid license is a major prerequisite needed to start a business in Dubai. Based on the type of Business, there are 4 categories of licenses and they are:

  • Professional License
  • Commercial License
  • Industrial License
  • Tourism License

If you are planning to start a business in Dubai, a professional license is needed.

The professional license refers to the type of license which permits professionals to start a business in the Emirates. Unlike other trade licenses, a professional license holder can do business in particular types of industries; such as Carpentry, Artisanship, Consultancy services, Printing and Publishing, Beauty salons, Repair services, etc.

A professional license is given to an individual or a single-ownership company to do any profession which delivers services based on their intellectual or artistic talent. However, if the business has more than one owner, it will be called a civil company.

What is a professional license?

A professional license is issued for professionals and companies that deal with professional or service-oriented activities.

You must have a professional license in UAE to establish a professional firm extending service to customers. The license will make you eligible to carry out the said activities officially. Such a firm will be included in the documents of the authority and it will be helpful in case of any legal complications or disputes.

What are the facts about a professional license?

When it comes to the ownership rights of a Foreign investor, Professional License has a clear advantage over a Commercial and Industrial License. A foreign investor can enjoy 100% Ownership of the business and this makes one entitled to a sole proprietorship. Professional Licenses in UAE are issued by confirming the educational entitlement and skill area of the applicant.

Even if the investor enjoys 100% ownership rights, getting a local service agent is mandatory to fulfill the legal formalities. The local service agent has no claims or rights regarding the equity or functioning of the company. The investor is liable to pay the annual service charge for availing of the services of the agent.

Matters related to the processing and issuance of Professional Licenses in Dubai and the UAE are carried out by the Department of Economic Development (DED).

How to get the initial approval for a Professional License?

To get initial approval for a professional license in Dubai from DED, you need to submit a detailed report of the business activities you will undergo with this license. Select a relevant trade name for your business and register it. DED will approve the license after verifying the submitted documents.

Here, you must abide by the strict naming rules while finalizing your trade name.

  • Avoid naming your company after an already established entity.
  • Avoid offensive and blasphemous language.
  • Avoid abbreviations.
What are the documents needed to attain Professional License in Dubai?

The documents needed to attain a professional license are given below.

  • A completed Application form
  • Passport copy of the owner/ partner
  • Naturalization book of partner (copy)
  • Expatriate partners require a sponsor’s NOC

You have to submit the application to the DED, along with the certificates and documents proving your professional qualification and experience. The officials at DED will peruse the certificates and other documents before issuing the professional license.

What is the cost of a professional license in Dubai?

The total cost involved in acquiring Professional License in Dubai is about AED 12,200. The total cost of the license includes various service charges and they are as follows.

  • License Fees
  • Administrative service charge
  • Agent fees
  • Trade name fees
  • Market fee based on tenancy
  • Government cultural fees, etc

The actual cost of a professional license in Dubai may change from time to time. The above given is an approximate cost of a professional license in Dubai.

Attaining a Professional License in Dubai can be time-consuming. However, consulting with an experienced business consultancy can make these procedures easy. Bizvise is an experienced professional business consultancy that has assisted several organizations in acquiring Professional licenses in Dubai. We will help you attain licenses that suit your business needs. For more queries, connect with us.