Diesel Trading License in Dubai

Diesel Trading License in Dubai

The UAE in its current situation is very developed, very rich, and more than that. Dubai is one of the best cities in the world and is a conglomerate of seven emirates. Rich people from all over the world have their super luxurious living spaces in Dubai. It can also be understood that the wealth index of the UAE is very high. The reason for this is not a secret, but as everyone knows, it is due to the unlimited availability of automotive fuel. Arab countries supply most of the world’s vehicle fuel needs and there are hundreds of oil wells in UAE. Diesel fuel is a major contributor to the economy of UAE. It is very important as a vehicle fuel and it is right behind petrol. All over the world, leading car manufactures are launching diesel engine vehicles (mostly cars) due to higher mileage. Not only that, the UAE market finds diverse applications and high demand. There are many businessmen in Dubai, who are mainly focused on diesel trading and they are all very rich. There are a number of companies in the UAE, which manufacture and distribute premium quality diesel derived from crude oil that is suited for domestic applications, light and heavy industries, engineering, constructions and transportation companies.

As vehicle fuel requirements vary, some businessmen have a large number of vehicles in the transportation department for dispatching and forwarding, depending on the nature of their company’s operations. Many companies currently have the infra structure in the UAE with long-term experience and a focused team to handle your fuel needs, anytime, anywhere, streamlining your operations and making your business more efficient and cost-effective. Most of the companies in UAE can also ensure premium quality high grade performance diesel that meets the latest international requirements in any adverse environment and quality standards. Realizing the increased profit potential in diesel trading, many foreign investors are vying for diesel trading license.

It is worth noting that premium fuel product companies in the UAE offer excellent service (especially diesel) to demanding clients. There is a range of such fuel business men in Dubai and UAE, among them there are many people who desperately want to get rich by doing business by getting diesel trade license anyway. Most of the fuel business people are trying to support and guide you in the right way at the right time to sustain the business growth. They, in turn, have their own well-equipped vehicles t perform and support safely-complaint bunkering.

If you are a business minded person who is ready to invest in the emerging UAE, then surely it s possible, step forward with confidence. The first thing you need to do to start your oil trading (diesel) company in Dubai is to seek the help of a suitable business set up consultancy. It is wise not to try to start a diesel trading company on your own. There are many business set up consultancies in UAE and there are good service providers, but don’t rust all of them. Don’t jump in and try to start diesel business by spending a lot of money, you have to understand and learn a lot about it and get in to it.

To start an oil trading business in Dubai, there are some steps to be overcome initially, They are as follows:

Finding a local sponsor for your business is key

For some reasons, it is difficult for foreign investors to obtain full ownership rights. In particular, the government of the UAE does not allow foreigners to own 100% of the business in certain sectors of strategic importance to the country. The UAE government will give a clear response to that, the oil and gas industry provides the majority of the country’s wealth, which is very important to the UAE government. In such cases, you need to find a local sponsor to share ownership of the company with you. These local sponsors can be Emiratis or business entities in the UAE, the investor has to take in to account such problems.

Choose a business name for your business

Your company is not allowed to choose names on its own; the authorities have set strict rules in that regard.

For example, your business trade name should not contain racial or religious slurs. You should avoid blasphemous or abusive language. To avoid future conflicts, you should avoid the names of organizations that are known but do not exist in the UAE. Any investor should pay attention to these things responsibly. There’s more and you will need to submit at least three names when trade marking your company. Whether or not the name you choose is available in the UAE is important, and there are many online tools, that can help you find it. As long as you follow the set conventions as per government’s instructions, this is a very easy step to complete and do everything perfectly.

Complete the License application process

More imperative is the next step, which is the most crucial step in the process of starting oil trading business in Dubai. That in turn depends on the decision of the UAE Department of Finance, which means you need to obtain a business trade license from the Department of Economic Development in Dubai. This stage is a whole process with its own steps, if it is successful, your diesel trading license will be successful.

Bisvise is a unique business set up consultancy in UAE that can get you Diesel Trading License hassle-free. You can rely on Bizvise to get your Diesel Trading License sorted after reaching a mutual understanding and tie-up with them.

How much is a Diesel trading license in UAE?

Around AED 30,000 to AED 40,000

A Dubai general trading license fees can be around AED 30,000 to AED 40,000, depending upon several factors. It can also be used as a legal holding structure within the UAE and other licensing authorities. The same can be used for storage and warehousing.

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