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E Trader License in Dubai

The major target of E trader licenses is home-based entrepreneurs who sell products and services through online channels and social media platforms.

The objective of the Department of Economic Development (DED) introducing the E- trader license in Dubai is to regulate the sales of online commodities through social media websites. This regulation is important to curb the sales of fake goods and commodities over social media. The licensing of this sector is also intended to encourage buyers to engage more in transparent online purchases.

By getting an e-trader license in Dubai, one can engage in businesses that promote selling products or services through social platforms.

If you are planning to work from home using social media platforms and don’t want to hire an office, then an e-trader license in Dubai is an ideal choice for you.

The E- trader license is suitable for;
  • Spouses staying at home
  • Professionals, who don’t have money to set up a firm, but want to use their talent
  • To use free time and set up a side business
  • Professionals wanting to take up their passion as a side business
  • Newbies experimenting with new business ideas
What are the Benefits of an E trader license in Dubai?

Acquiring an e-trader license in Dubai offers several benefits for individuals who want to sell products and services through social media legally. Such benefits are mentioned below.

  1. E- trader license boosts customer confidence and promotes transparent online sales.
  2. Licensing brings legitimacy and authenticity to online trading and E-commerce.
  3. E trader license gives an individual the legal authority to market or sell a product through different online platforms.
  4. This is a wonderful opportunity for home-based business entrepreneurs to take part in events and exhibitions and showcase their products and commodities.
  5. The license holders can participate in the E trader training program conducted by the DED.
  6. The license safeguards Intellectual property and trade name
Facts about E- trader licenses in Dubai?

The E- trader license is Emirate-specific, that is the E- trader license issued in Dubai cannot be used for trading in other Emirates. To sell a product to other Emirates, you need to seek approval from concerned DEDs.

The eligibility for license issuance is dependent on the nationality of the ex-pat entrepreneur and also trading activities. The information regarding these will be revealed during license registration.

You can apply for the E trader license by registering on the DED Trader website also.

The Dubai E Trader license fee is AED 1070. It is mandatory to renew the license annually.

What are the documents required for E Trader License in Dubai?

You need to submit certain documents while applying for an E trader license in Dubai. You have to attach documents proving your address, age, residency detail, etc. You are permitted to open a shop with the license.

The documents required for the E trader license in Dubai are given below.

  • It must be located in Dubai and must have a valid Emirates ID
  • The minimum applicable age is 21
  • Register the trade name with the authorities and attach the approval with the application.
  • Proof of residence

You can get an E-trader license within 3 to 5 business days. The payment has to be made to the authority within 24 hours of the issuance of the payment voucher.

Getting an E-trader license is not that complicated. However, if you have doubts about the procedures and want help to complete them, seeking help from an experienced business consultancy will be a good idea.

Bizvise is an experienced business consultancy in Dubai who are committed to making these procedures easy for their customers. We have assisted many individuals in acquiring E-trader licenses in Dubai. We will help you attain yours in a cost-efficient way. All you need to do is to contact us.