Business Setup In Dubai Mainland

Dubai offers the most favourable environment for entrepreneurs and investors around the world to do business. Here the companies are allowed to do trade within the local and international markets. Through the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai, a company can register in the Dubai mainland and start its business operations.

Bizvise offers unique, comprehensive, hassle-free and affordable business setup solutions for new businesses in Dubai Mainland. Our team of professionals in Dubai will provide you with expert guidance and complete support throughout your business setup process. We also provide a reliable local sponsor for your mainland business setup.

Our services include acquiring trade licenses, PRO Services, VAT & Accounting, Bank Assistance, Virtual Office, Protecting business/ investor’s rights etc. Without the proper guidance and expertise, you won’t be able to start a business. So we create effective business solutions based on our customer requirements and make sure that all the needs are fulfilled.

There are many features that make Dubai mainland an attractive destination for the investors around the world who want to setup a business. These features include tax incentives, freedom to trade, import duties and much more.

Benefits of Mainland Company Formation in Dubai

  • Freedom to trade across Dubai and in UAE
  • Zero Taxation- none in the case of corporate or personal tax
  • No limitation in getting employment visas
  • Easy recruitment process
  • Ability to trade internationally and expand your business presence
  • Low import duty
  • No restrictions on processing legal documents
  • Ease of getting affordable space with flexible rent or lease for office anywhere.
  • Work along with government bodies
  • Control the business from all parts of the UAE
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profit is possible

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the area of operation, type of business activity and license you choose.
  • Free Zone Company
  • Mainland Company
  • Offshore Company
There are mainly four types of trade licenses namely, Commercial, Industrial and Professional and Tourism. The Department of the Economic Development is authority which is responsible for issuing the trade licenses and the procedure depends on the type of business and the activities. To get the license, you have to submit the required legal documents to the authorities and follow all the guidelines.
Yes. A mainland company must appoint a local sponsor for representative dealings with the Ministries and the Government for getting the paperwork done and the individual owns 51% of shares in your Dubai business.
It depends on the company type and the structure. You may get the license in few days or it can take weeks. Company registration is the first step for company setup in the region.
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