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Why start a Business in Dubai?

Dubai has come a long way in establishing itself as the most sought after business destination in the world. It attracts investors from all around the globe. From start-ups to large corporations, every business is leveraging the benefits of company setup in Dubai and witnessing unprecedented growth in business opportunities. It has progressed itself from being just a local trading community into one of the most successful economies of the world. There numerous regions in Dubai that offer opportunities to start a business. Let's now take a look at the reasons why Dubai is a perfect location for setting up and growing business.

Access to international markets
Dubai is one of the favourite destinations for entrepreneurs and investors. Companies in Dubai have unparalleled access to the 1.5 billion strong consumer markets of West Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa and the neighbouring Middle Eastern countries. Since Dubai is a global business hub, people from diverse sectors operate here and it’s a huge benefit for both B2B & B2C businesses. With abundant manpower and availability of ports, traders find it easier to setup business and grow.
Ease of doing business
When it comes to ease of doing business, United Arab Emirates leads the Middle East in rankings. Dubai has the maximum number of Free Zones in the UAE, which allows entrepreneurs to do business with 100% ownership. Investors enjoy various benefits like tax reductions also. Setting up a business in Dubai takes less time compared to other countries. As the UAE climbed to top ranks on the global index of ‘ease of doing business,’ more and more entrepreneurs are establishing their presence in the region.
Tax benefits
Except for few industries, corporate tax for businesses in Dubai remains at a flat rate of zero. Private business entities are free from Income tax regulations. The benefits like low import duty and free trade make it easy for businesses to gain profits. The double taxation agreements with several countries ensure that entrepreneurs can operate their business without having to worry about paying taxes to their country of origin.
World class infrastructure
Dubai is known for its stunning skyscrapers, top-class architecture and impressive buildings. It is accompanied by the availability of a strong public transportation system. The city’s transport links which include two of the region’s largest ports and the Arab world’s largest airline provide exceptional connectivity to the rest of the world. The region is home to large marine terminals like Jebel Ali Port and the most connected airlines like Emirates. The combination of all these facilities makes Dubai the favourite destination for company formation and trading activities.
Strong & stable economy
Dubai acts as a gateway between east and west. The city has managed to transform itself from an oil and gas-dependent economy to a tourism-backed economy in the past few decades. It offers a strong and stable government where businesses can grow faster. The authorities have consistently introduced a wide range of rules and regulations which favours a diverse set of enterprises.
Availability of human resources
One of the biggest struggles while setting up any new company is finding the right people for work. Dubai is home to people from more than 200 countries and it is quite easy to get a workforce for a company. Its liberal labour laws and favourable working location make it easy for entrepreneurs to recruit employees from different parts of the world. Because of the availability of human resource, the region is ideal for company setup and businesses can scale their resources according to their needs.
Quality of life
Dubai is a thriving cosmopolitan city with a long history of trade and commerce. It is a city that sparks interest in the minds of many to live, work and invest. Apart from tax benefits, the city is known for its high standards of living. It is one of the safest cities in the world where there is a strict implementation of rules and regulations. The region is home to some of the most prestigious universities, schools and hospitals in the world.

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