Ajman Freezone Company Formation

Ajman is the smallest of the seven emirates in the UAE, with an estimated area of 260 square kilometers. The main businesses in the region are in manufacturing, real estate, retail, construction and transport sector. Ajman free zone is one of the best destinations for setting up your business in UAE and the business setup requires detailed planning and proper decision making.

The process includes choosing a company name, determining the type of business activity, acquiring licenses, hiring human resources, opening corporate bank account, etc. For achieving the goal of business setup, you need a consultant who can help you go through all the legalities of business setup.

Ajman free zone was established in 1996. It is located just near to Ajman port. It has offices and ware houses facilities. It allows 100% foreign ownership & 0% income tax. Custom duty exemption in member countries of GCC for companies with 51% GCC ownership and having certificate of origin from UAE.

Ajman Free Zone, situated on the Arabian Gulf coast, was established in the year 1988 and is one of the most developed free zones of UAE. Ajman Free Zone’s strategic location makes it attractive for investors and entrepreneurs from around the world to invest in different sectors and start their new ventures.

The companies in Ajman Free Zone have access to 4 seaports and 2 international airports. The region is under the jurisdiction of Ajman Free Zone Authority (AFZA) and they formulate all the rules and regulations. The handling of the Ajman Free Zone setup procedures and issuance of business licenses are done by the Ajman Free Zone Authority.

The benefits of setting up a business in Ajman Free Zone are

  • No corporate tax
  • Total exemption from customs duty for goods and services
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • Low Labor Cost
  • Low cost of living
  • No personal income tax
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Strategic and central location
  • Abundant and Cheap energy supply
  • Competitive handling charges
  • Lower prices of land and office rents
  • No currency restrictions
  • No quotas or foreign exchange controls
  • 24-hour security service
  • Simple staffing and recruitment procedure for employment by companies

Types of Licenses

Ajman Free Zone Authority (AFZA) has mainly 4 types of business licenses.Trading License

The trading license is issued for people who want to carry out trading activities in the free zone region. The business can add 3 activities in a single license issued by the authority.

1. Industrial License
The companies have to acquire Industrial license to start their manufacturing plant in the free zone region. The Authority provides warehouses and smart-store service for manufacturing companies. Multiple functions can be performed such as the imports of raw materials, the manufacture of listed goods, and the export of products abroad.
2. E-commerce License
This license is for companies which can carry out business in electronic trading activities. It also provides technical support for the investors.
3. Professional License
The companies that are willing to start their business in the sectors such as IT, management or marketing consultancy in Ajman Free Zone must acquire a professional license.
Ajman Free Zone is one of the most cost-effective free zones in the UAE. It’s the finest location for business setup in the region and our experienced team will help you make your dream a reality

Ajman media city free zone was established in 2018. It offers attractive packages. It has offices facilities. It allows 100% foreign ownership and 0% income tax. It issues license very fast. Wide range of business activities are available.

Ajman Media City Free Zone is the newly formed free zone in the United Arab Emirates, in the city of Ajman. The zone was created with an aim of creating a dependable and a professional environment for businesses.

Ajman Media City Free zone offers a range of cost-effective license packages for new entrepreneurs. The main feature of this free zone is the unique and comprehensive list of deliverables after the company registration. The region offers an affordable platform to media companies and professionals with a long term vision and looking for expanding the presence in favorable business conditions.


  • 100% foreign ownership
  • 100% repatriation on capital invested and profits gained
  • Attractive business packages
  • No need for Physical presence in the UAE
  • Simple and hassle free registration process
  • No NOC required

Types of Licenses

Licenses are issued depending upon the type of business activities. The license packages available in the Ajman FZ are
1. Business Club
This package includes a shared workspace with the allocation of limited time per month assigned to the client. These companies will not be eligible for a visa.
Commercial activities
– Up to five allied activities mainly for import and export
Service activities
– Up to five allied activities mainly for service providers
Combination of commercial and service activities- Activities in both the categories that are grouped to a specific business type (Software Design, IT consultancy, Web Design etc.)
2. Bronze Package
A shared permanent office in the state-of-art premises is provided. The businesses will have free zone status and is eligible for one visa.
3. Silver Package
A shared permanent office is provided and the companies formed in the SMART OFFICE PLUS will be eligible for two visas and will have a free zone status. The extra charges include VAT, Innovation fee, and Company Name Approval.
4. Silver Plus Package
Under this package, the companies established in the SMART OFFICE PLUS will be eligible for shared permanent office with three visas and a free zone status. The other offerings are the same as above.
5. Gold Package
Companies formed in the EXECUTIVE OFFICE will be eligible to 5 visa’s and will have a free zone status. An executive office in our state of the art office premises will be provided.

Procedures for registering a company

  • Select business activity
  • Select the package (Business, Bronze, Silver, Silver Plus, or Gold)
  • Fill the application form and submit all the necessary documents
  • Wait for approval
  • You will receive a certificate of Incorporation after approval

Documents Required

  • Business plan
  • Completed Application form
  • CV and passport copy of shareholders and/or owners
  • CV and passport copy of the manager
  • Two colour passport size photos with white background
  • A NOC from the sponsor (for UAE-based companies)

Frequently Asked Questions

- 100% foreign ownership
- No need of physical presence in the UAE
- Low start-up and operational costs
- No mandatory office rental requirements
- No visa restrictions
- No annual audit requirement
- Commercial License
- Industrial/Manufacture License
- Services License
- E-commerce License
No. The Free Zone company setup in UAE gives you the freedom of having 100% ownership of your business.
First apply for a new "Entry permit", after that apply for "Visa status amendment". Then you should apply for the "new Residency Visa stamping”.
Any legal entity inside the United Arab Emirates should be renewed on a yearly Basis.
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