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Starting a business in Dubai or any other part of the UAE necessitates an important collaboration with a UAE national, sometimes known as a local sponsor. This partnership is essential for dealing with UAE commercial company rules and obtaining the unique benefits of establishing a limited liability business.

Finding a perfect local sponsor in Dubai

Step 1: Legitimacy Matters

Before finalising the agreement with an individual local sponsor, undertake a thorough background check to confirm credibility. Trustworthy sponsors, particularly those from reputable families or advised by business advisers such as Bizvise, improve the viability of your venture.

Step 2: Meet Operational Needs

Choose a local sponsor depending on your company's operating needs. If your focus is on government programmes, look for sponsors who have government links. Avoid communication hurdles by ensuring language compatibility.

Step 3: Fee discussions.

Discuss local sponsorship prices, pay, and contractual benefits. Document your progress methodically and prevent overpaying by benchmarking against common compensation fees. Verify statements concerning business networks in order to make informed decisions.

Local sponsor fee in UAE

The average local sponsor costs around AED 8,000 per year. The charge is influenced by the kind of your company, as the local sponsor's engagement in legality and day-to-day operations, and the duration of the relationship.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a local sponsor in Dubai?

Beyond a 51% stake, local sponsors help with a variety of operational tasks, from bank account closure to supplying information on local law enforcement.

Types of local sponsors in Dubai

1. Corporate Local Sponsor

  • Can be a government or local body.
  • Must hold a minimum of 51% equity shares, as per Federal Law No.2 (2015).
  • 2. Individual Local Sponsor

    • Ideal for LLC setups in Dubai mainland.
    • Requires a minimum 51% shareholding, applicable to both male and female sponsors.
    • 3. Local Service Agent as a Sponsor

      • Essential for professional business licenses in the mainland.
      • An Emirati resident acting as a service agent.
      • How to change local sponsors in Dubai

        • Discuss with Current Sponsor

        Resolve disputes and misunderstandings outside the court through mutual understanding.

        • Involve Other Stakeholders

        Ensure unanimous agreement among partners regarding the change of the current local sponsor.

        • Prepare Documents

        Submit necessary documents within the defined timeframe, including notarized Memorandum of Association (MoA) and labour and immigration documents.

        • Approach the Court

        Lodge an application for the change of the local sponsor, involving formal acknowledgment from the current sponsor.

        • Find a New Local Sponsor

        After legal processes, onboard a new local sponsor, ensuring reliability to save time and resources.

        Does Your Business Need Local Sponsorship in the UAE?

        As per UAE law, LLC companies must partner with a UAE national. Mainland businesses, including general trading, real estate, and more, require UAE local sponsorship.

        The Best Way to Find Local Sponsorship in UAE: Bizvise Business Setup

        Bizvise Business Setup is the most effective way to find a local UAE sponsor. Bizvise Business Setup, the best business setup in Dubai, is a reputable provider of local sponsorship in UAE. Bizvise , as your silent partner, ensures 100% operational ownership, which is guaranteed by Investor's Right Protection Contract. Network, seek recommendations, employ experts, and approach potential sponsors with clarity to get the best UAE local sponsorship for your business.

Key Benefits of Mainland Company

  • The freedom to rent commercial space in any area in Dubai UAE.
  • The ability to conduct a wide range of business activities in Dubai UAE .
  • The option to trade anywhere in the UAE and internationally.
  • No limitations in getting employment visas.

Finding the perfect local Emirati sponsor in every sense is not an easy task and can be a little daunting. At, Bizvise we guarantee the most reliable and excellent business sponsorship services. For this, we sponsor your company as a sleeping partner in your business for an annual fee. We have the right contacts and mingling with government agencies to fix Emirati sponsorship by making the paper work required convenient and fast.

Utilize Bizvise sponsorship services to get all the support you need throughout the process, associated with your company’s implementation. Whether it is government permits from the Department of Economic Development or some other formality, we will make it possible for you.

We create an Investor Rights Protection Agreement that enables the business start-up to have full (100%) operational ownership of the company. We have an expert legal team to prepare the summary of the contract and they will ensure transparency in all our operations for you, without ambiguities.

As a mandatory part of starting a company in the UAE, you will need to draft & certify power of attorney, incorporation agreement, purchase agreement, company registration documents etc. .

The best way to find a local UAE sponsor in Dubai is to seek the help of any reliable business setting up consultancy. There are many Emirati sponsorship consultancies in the UAE for this purpose. Take the advantage of business setting up consultancy services that can secure your partnership.