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Finding the perfect local Emirati sponsor is difficult. At Bizvise, we offer the finest and the most reliable business sponsorship services. We sponsor your company as an inactive partner in your business for an annual fee. We also have the right connections and contacts with the government agencies to make the paperwork convenient and swift.

With Bizvise sponsorship services, you can avail comprehensive support throughout the procedures of your company creation. Whether it’s about governmental permits, approvals for the Department of Economic Development or any formalities, we will make it happen for you.

We draft an ‘Investor Right Protection Contract’ that provides 100% operational ownership of the company. We have an excellent legal team in place to draft the agreement and they ensure transparency in all our operations.

To start a company in UAE, you need to draft & attest the power of attorney, agreement of incorporation, purchase agreement, company registration documents, etc.

Key Benefits of Mainland Company

  • The freedom to rent commercial space in any area in Dubai UAE.
  • The ability to conduct a wide range of business activities in Dubai UAE .
  • The option to trade anywhere in the UAE and internationally.
  • No limitations in getting employment visas.

Finding the perfect local Emirati sponsor in every sense is not an easy task and can be a little daunting. At, Bizvise we guarantee the most reliable and excellent business sponsorship services. For this, we sponsor your company as a sleeping partner in your business for an annual fee. We have the right contacts and mingling with government agencies to fix Emirati sponsorship by making the paper work required convenient and fast.

Utilize Bizvise sponsorship services to get all the support you need throughout the process, associated with your company’s implementation. Whether it is government permits from the Department of Economic Development or some other formality, we will make it possible for you.

We create an Investor Rights Protection Agreement that enables the business start-up to have full (100%) operational ownership of the company. We have an expert legal team to prepare the summary of the contract and they will ensure transparency in all our operations for you, without ambiguities.

As a mandatory part of starting a company in the UAE, you will need to draft & certify power of attorney, incorporation agreement, purchase agreement, company registration documents etc. .

The best way to find a local UAE sponsor in Dubai is to seek the help of any reliable business setting up consultancy. There are many Emirati sponsorship consultancies in the UAE for this purpose. Take the advantage of business setting up consultancy services that can secure your partnership.

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