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We are a one-stop destination to support and set up any entrepreneurial ventures in Dubai, UAE . We provide value added business services and facilitate the process of creating new business ideas in Dubai, UAE.

Our expertise comes with years of experience in performing these services. We are here to assist you throughout your entrepreneurial journey. We guide you to make decisions and to act with the speed and confidence you need to seize the world of enduring opportunity.

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Over time, progress has been made, and Dubai has made room for remarkable development. Today, Dubai is one of the best business cities in the world; Dubai’s glittering glory has not been dimmed, and is still rising. Dubai is the dream land of investors from all over the world. The UAE Government is inviting foreign investors to Dubai with the aim of making Dubai, the world’s leading business city, offering a number of incredible benefits. This is where Bizvise Business Setup Services Consultancy comes in to play. It is a UAE based and consulting firm providing reliable business setting services. To date, we have provided invaluable business services in Dubai, UAE to hundreds of customers.

Bizvise has entered the UAE business domain; it’s been a long time coming. We are a widely recognized business set up consultancy or platform that has earned the trust of hundreds of customers. There are many business set up consultancies in the UAE, including Dubai, but not all are equally credible.

Bizvise is a reputable business set up consultancy that specializes in all Bizvise company formation and operations in Dubai, UAE. Let me give you rough ideas about it, our services are as follows.

  • Accounting
  • Local Emirati Sponsor
  • Business Bank Account Opening
  • PRO & Document Clearing Services
  • VAT registration
  • Company Renewals
  • Dubai Custom Registration
  • DUNS Number Registration
  • Branding Services
  • Insurance Services
  • Structure and Restructuring
  • Local Government Approval

Are you a foreign investor looking to start a business in the UAE, including Dubai? So don’t be late, have the courage to step in to Bizvise. We have experienced Business setup specialists here to provide you with good service and we will give you all the support you need. Any foreign investor will need a lot of essential documentation. You can start a business in Dubai, only if you comply with UAE Commercial Company Laws. A foreign investor aiming to establish a limited liability company in the UAE need to partner with a UAE national sponsor or local sponsor.

Utilizing this sponsorship is a must as it is something that can never be avoided. And getting a trusted sponsor is not an easy task, but it can be daunting task for first time investors. Such a situation would probably be experienced by any foreign investor. We understand Bizvise’s situation and provide adequate support and advise to find the most suitable and trusted local sponsor for your business (of any kind)

We provide excellent service to all types of clients, regardless of whether they are big/small business. We carpet our valued clients to all emirates in the UAE, including Dubai. We guide our clients to business services provided by Bizvise in Dubai and the UAE, including company formation, license registration, accounting and bookkeeping. As a foreign investor, Bizvise does not agree with making leaps and bounds. At the same time Bizvise utilizes our experience and expertise to help them make the right and appropriate decisions quickly and resolve their most critical business issues.

Why Bizvise Business Setup Services?

Bizvise has been working as a Business setting up mediator in the UAE, including Dubai, for many years. Through us hundreds of foreign investors are successfully running various types of business/companies in Dubai. Bizvise Business Setup Services has been a guide for many companies since its inception.

We study and evaluate each client and work closely with them to form a business/company. Before advising clients, we will review everything related to it. This is followed by a detailed and consistent analysis.

We only work with the goal of providing better customer service. We offer many services for our clients. Our professional team is still service oriented and can discuss your need accordingly. Bizvise guidelines will be important to your growth and success, obviously hundred percent guaranteed.